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  • My experience with Dr. Emily Women’s Health Center was more than exceptional. The staff was extremely kind and supportive.” - Patient Comment
  • Thank you for taking such great care of my daughter. It was her first gynecology exam and she was very nervous! She now knows why it’s important to stay healthy and physically active as a teen so she can grow up to be a healthy adult.” - Parent
  • Thank you for making a difficult decision. I felt like your staff really understood what I a was going through and made it see less difficult.” - Patient Comment
Abortion services at Dr. Emily Women's Helath Center

Abortion Services

Dr. Emily Women’s Health Center offers various abortion services to women in the New York area.

Gentle Abortion Services – streamlined for your convenience

  • Our 1st trimester abortion procedures are SAFE and often completed in a single two-hour visit
  • Anesthesia ensures our patients experience no pain and have no recollection of the procedure
  • Our office affords maximum privacy, and we operate with the strictest of confidentiality (Privacy Policy)
  • Abortion fees start at $360
  • One Hour Appointments

2nd & 3rd Trimester Abortion (20 to 24 weeks)

  • For pregnancies further along, a 2-day procedure will ensure the safety of the patient
  • Anesthesia guarantees that patients have no pain and no recollection of the procedure