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  • Your staff made me feel at ease and SAFE. Also so glad I had a female doctor. She listened to me and made me feel comfortable with my "own" decision. Thank you. - Patient Comment
  • My experience with Dr. Emily Women’s Health Center was more than exceptional. The staff was extremely kind and supportive.” - Patient Comment
  • Thank you for taking such great care of my daughter. It was her first gynecology exam and she was very nervous! She now knows why it’s important to stay healthy and physically active as a teen so she can grow up to be a healthy adult.” - Parent
Patient Information before abortion and after abortion instructions.

Patient Information

We feel it’s very important that our patients are well-informed and prepared — therefore we offer the following patient information.

Patient Forms

  • Patient History [PDF]
  • Credit Card Application [PDF]

Patient Instructions before abortion

  • Dress comfortably
  • Bring a maxi pad for your ride home
  • Do not eat or drink 2-3 hours prior to your abortion appointment
  • Have someone to drive you home
  • Please do not bring small children to the office
  • Remember to bring your ID

What to expect BEFORE your abortion procedure


What to expect AFTER your abortion procedure